Biblical Shawls / Mantles (or stoles) are available

Biblical Shawls have a corner where "fringes" are attached. For all blessings a shawl (or stole) is required.

Monks of the Culdee as well as Marshals of Zion (a grade above Marshals of Salem) must wear this as part of the morning services, with the ribband of blue in the 4 tassles. There is one tassle at each of the four corners of the shawl. These can be purchased readily by orthodox jews who make "tzitzits" with the "techelet" blue. Attached are instructions how to make the tassles if you cannot afford to buy them.

The God of Israel commanded every Israelite as thus:

Num 15:38-39

"Speak unto the children of Israel, and bid them that they make them fringes in the borders of their garments throughout their generations, and that they put upon the fringe of the borders a ribband of blue:
And it shall be unto you for a fringe, that ye may look upon it, and remember all the commandments of the LORD, and do them; and that ye seek not after your own heart and your own eyes, after which ye use to go a whoring:"

How To Tie Tzitzits

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