In most of the world, any attempt by any agent(or person) to disproportionately single out and treat our church members with more or less impunity than the rest of the public is a criminal offense involving discrimination and prejudice.
While we do not discriminate against any specific rights of any person in the whole world, the historic church of God is being maligned, slandered and heavily persecuted for simply having beliefs. While the Bible text may not condone some sins, we believe this shouldn’t open all Christians to unequal treatment or persecution. Therefore we are forced to legally preserve and protect our own human and fundamental rights of assembly, association, disassociation and privacy in the courts of the land. These fundamental rights have been under assault by radical stunt politicians who seek to criminally surpress, conspire, investigate, harass and persecute Christians solely on the basis of their established belief system.
(Investigation may also be a crime. The 5th Amendment of the US Constitution guarantees this basic right to not be harassed with any type of search or investigation without indicating all the things to be searched, the time, the place and reasons all provided to the parties in the form of a warrant that is signed by a lawful Judge, in a court of law. Numerous cases have been won where this has not been provided. Surpression of civil rights is a crime. Conspiracy to commit this crime is a felony that can be prosecuted against any person in any office, in every state of the union.)
As Christians we are to preserve these basic human rights to future generations. Therefore if any party is caught discriminating against our church members, we will file human rights and religious persecution charges in the appropriate local jurisdictions.
We conduct ourselves honourably and will not prosecute the perpetrators without proof how the rights were violated against our church member.  The specific action of the perpetrator should be recorded, or otherwise demonstrated by at least two witnesses. The intent should be clear they (or their co-conspirators) are seeking to unlawfully disrupt a church member’s specific rights. On discretion of the Bishop we may also give mercy to the perpetrator if his good intent can be shown. Not only malicious intent must be shown but also the example of the actions which surpressed the civil rights of the congregant. That will include any intimidation or fear of having the right of “assembly” or of any “belief”, or of any “religious appearance”, or of any “adhearance to the beliefs” of the church. The charges are not taken lightly in any court of the world. The persecution actions must be complete with information on the time and place of such act of religious persecution, surpression of human rights, conpiracy to commit surpression of rights(which can be a felony in the USA), or any other related crime of discrimination against such rights of “assembly” that are guaranteed by nearly every government of the world.

Scientific Poll: Planning to Name Your Children Mohamed?

A Scientific Poll Survey

The Priory of Salem Peace Institute is holding a poll on the question:

Are you planning to name your child Mohamed? 

Reasons for this poll is "Mohamed" has been the #1 Baby name in most of England and Holland for more than 10 years. We want to find if all that government data is correct which says that all English and Dutch people choose the name Mohamed for their children. (Example a large percentage of native Europeans are dating and having children with Muslims.)

If you're from England, please vote in this poll: Mohamed Survey England (Government statistics also at link.)

If you're from the Netherlands, please vote in this poll: Mohamed Survey Netherlands (Government statistics also at link.)

If you would like to be a partner with us on the street corner surveys write to us at: marshalofsalem@yahoo.com (Include a signed copy of our EU / Islam peace agreement, and the "statement of conduct and beliefs" together with your CV/Resume.)

More detailed information at http://christsassembly.com/2015/08/most-popular-western-european-name-for-10-years-is-mohamed/