Pilgrimage Festival, Assembly at Jerusalem

Calling and welcoming all members, and inquirors of the Priory of Salem to join us in the Holy Pilgrimage on April 12th-19th 2017 (the feast of unleavened bread). This is one of the three annual Pilgrimage Festivals of our order. Those members who cannot attend at least once in four years should send one of their delegates to assemble with us.

If you're not registered yet with us, please fill in our Statement of Belief and Conduct and send a scanned signed copy to marshalofsalem@yahoo.com.

We will also be hosting a delegation of the Gothian Imperial Knights Templar (GIKT) at Jerusalem and at Gibeon Israel.

Our Marshals of Salem and of Zion are the hosts of the pilgrimage festivals at Jerusalem. The Priory of Salem leads these regular pilgrimage festivals at Jerusalem Israel and at other Holy sites throughout Christendom. For 2017 we will again be holding assembly for the annual pilgrimage feast of Unleavend Bread at Jerusalem and Gibeon.

Priory of Salem will be hosting the Culdee Passover liturgy of Unleavend Bread from April  12th - 19th 2017 at a farm near Samuel's high place, with the backdrop of the Nabi Samuel Park.

Attendance is by invitation only. Please Contact marshalofsalem@yahoo.com if interested.

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