Greece pulls out of the EU and the Central Bank Credit Fraud Scams

Finally Greece pulls out of the EU. The Prime Minister further said that they will no longer cooperate with ‘troika’ [European Commission, European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund] of international lenders.

Forbes says this is equal to firing off Nuclear weapons

Merkle says Germany won't allow any more money go to them

But Russia says they will give them money

The Prime Minister of Greece said “My party, and I personally, disagreed fiercely with the May 2010 loan agreement not because you, the citizens of Germany, did not give us enough money but because you gave us much, much more than you should have and our government accepted far, far more than it had a right to. Money that would, in any case, neither help the people of Greece (as it was being thrown into the black hole of an unsustainable debt) nor prevent the ballooning of Greek government debt, at great expense to the Greek and German taxpayer.”

Looks like Greece is going the way of Iceland, to throw out the Criminal Central Banking Fraud. This is just as most Americans have agreed (in the unanimous support for Ron Paul) that we should: "END THE FED". Promote Freedom from interference of such fraud scams to control into our lives for the "emergency debt money". Repudiate their unlawful debt. There is no consent and no provision for any of it.

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