Honorary Marshals of Salem

You may submit anyone to recieve recognition in our Ranks as an honourary Marshal. This you can also anonymously have sent as a gift. Simply explain their lifelong achievements in an email to marshalofsalem@yahoo.com and send a modest donation to cover the postage and materials costs.

All honorary marshals are by default "Marshals of Salem". Entire ministries may create alliance documents to bring their entire membership into the ranks of Salem, under our High Priest for ever, after the Order of Melchizedek, whose name is Jesus the Christ.

Everyone born again as a Melchizedek Priest whether we know it or not, it's in our Bibles which we all profess. His Royal Priesthood, Holy Nation.

This mere recognition by Royal Priests is to remind us all of the covenants we have in Him as a Royal Priesthood, and to covenant together under those covenants for His law governance to be done more on earth as it is in heaven.

All qualified applicants begin in this neutral area of being an "Acting Marshal" of Salem, as the Scripture defines all believers to be of the order of Melchizedek (Royal/Melek Zadokites) under our Kings and the King of Kings Jesus the Christ (Yahshua Ha Machiac) who is also our High Priest for ever.

Within the Marhsals of Salem family heads may also be finalizing their family arms registration within our order, or be in the re-categorization or recognition process. All twelve tribes are represented under the ensigns of their father's houses. These families are further represented under the ensigns of their twelve princes, one over each tribe as defined in the Bible.

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