Marshals of Salem

Marshal is the Biblical and historic power of the Rod/Crozier/Staff held by the head of each of the twelve tribes. They stand in that power and authority. They hold both the scepter/rod and the sword. The Marshal's rod is after the style of the Field Marshall, who syles his rod (or baton) after the prince (de jure Biblical Prince, coadjutor, acting, or elect prince) of their tribe. Marshals report immediately to the Field Marshals(or Colonel-Generals), who report directly to the Princes. As there were twelve princes in Biblical times, one over each of the tribes, there today is a Prince of each of the twelve tribes, preserved by the God of true Israel throughout time. Each Marshal must have at least two Deacons, Priests, Porters, or Knights that assist him in his duties. (One can put a thousand to flight, two can put ten thousand to flight.) They are all to actively recruit new Deacons, Priests, and Porters into their respective tribal camps within the Priory of Salem to be taught by the Ben Zadok Priesthood and increase their ranks within the Marshals of Salem.

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