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General Donations, Tithes, and Love Gifts can be made with the following button: 


Special Missions Volunteers

If you've heard about one of our missions you'd like to join. Register here. It is free to volunteer in any of the programs or missions of the Priory of Salem. However, Certificates are only issued for those who are paid up to at least a Special Marshal rank.

All members and volunteer participants must sign our Statement of Belief and Conduct for Priory of Salem. Simply print, fill in, scan and email the document to

NOTE: VOLUNTEER WORK can be substituted for membership dues at any rank. Programs in this category are: 1. South African Food Points and 2. Polling Signatures (of Priory of Salem official polls i.e. restoring our crosses back to public view.) 3. Other approved projects. Just send your requests to

Special Marshals

For Leaders of Special External Missions. Get support from the Priory of Salem Network.

Spearheading Sovereignty Law Struggles, Emergency Charities, and Peaceful Solution programs for communities who have no hope.

$15 per month


Priory Officers

For members who seek a priestly calling in the higher struggles and have registered their succession lines, as per the original Culdee Rite of Succession: To be a Priory Officer you must have at least two associates who work with you in related projects.

$25 per month


Royal Officers (or Glastonbury Monks)

For those with a minimum of a Grand Marshal rank and who seek to support one of the twelve Princes of true Israel Christendom. All will present their coats of arms and assemble their staff at annual pilgrimages.

$35 per month


Princes and Higher Nobility


These princes are promised to be the real thing foretold who will come back before the end comes and judge on twelve thrones. They will restore all of God's law governance on earth (as it was commanded to 1,000 generations) before Jesus Comes back. He's Coming back for a church that is without spot or wrinkle.

Also see "More Information" and "Contact Page".

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