Introduction to the Glastonbury Charters

Introduction to the Glastonbury Charters

The legally binding Charters up unto today.

Glastonbury needs no introduction with the  hundreds of sources, and full length books that give the accounts of this most Stateliest sanctuary of Britain. The full texts of 61 original Royal Charters (pre-conquest) are in existence at the University of Oxford, some near 1500 years old. Other nations authenticate the earlier records. After the conquest the number of Charters are far more. This article will expound upon several of these. For full texts, you can order “Charters of Glastonbury Abbey”, edited by S. E. Kelly, from the Oxford University Press.

As Saint Augustine wrote in 597AD “God beforehand acquainted them, found a Church constructed by no human hand, but by the Hands of Christ Himself for the salvation of His people.” (Epistolae ad Gregoriam Papam, also Publius Discipulus)

One thing consistent, the Monk’s highest rights of England, save the King, have been retained and reaffirmed so many times, by so many separate parties, there must be some truth to it. From the east to the west, popes, Kings, Dukes, and Bishops of numerous governments have pledged to defend the Sovereign rights of Glastonbury Monks that they may freely exercise the spiritual calling of fighting evil spirits at the site and throughout other realms unrestrained.

Templars were not the first to have a Papal Bull to move tax free. The Glastonbury Monks had not one but dozens of Royal and Papal Bulls, ratifying full support of such governments in their national protection of the Monks and Abbots to live and move tax free.

Most Monasteries of Great Britain were content with their closure and new titles Henry VIII's new church. However, with Glastonbury it was another story all together.

Only one Glastonbury Monk had escaped after refusing to sign Henry VIII’s Act of Supremacy. His rights (in light of previous Charters with the Monks) to contract were thus retained as being very broad.

Titles of Rome never stuck no matter how loud they were declared. The surrounding Bishops never had dominion over Glastonbury. Abbots were selected from the body of Monks, by the Monks. The successors being the Monks themselves as prescribed in the "Original House Law" to the "Parties of the Original Charters" to their applicable "Successors".

King Henry VIII preposterously put the Abbot to death, together with two innocent virtuous Monks. This same Monk John Nott raised petitions to Queen Mary for giving him (and his successors) back the full title to the grounds. He and the three other Monks under him were given refuge at Westminster. Abbot Dr. Feckman of Westminster procured a warrant from the Lord Treasurer for rebuilding Glastonbury Abbey. Based on this promise, considerable sacrifice was made in restoring the Abbey. When funding was stopped, this did not discourage John Nott or other Monks, from merely seeking that the base land deed title be restored. They proceeded to expedite their petitions to the Queen with the facts that the Abbey was never surrendered by at least this one Monk who acted under the higher laws of the original founders. The Queen naturally met the request with favour but died shortly before being able to grant it. John Nott, as a hereditary Culdee (non-celibate Hebrew Monks and Priests) passed these rights to his successors as described in the original Charters and laws. The numerous deeds and Charters of the past remain in full force, as John Nott had never submitted the grounds (or the Hebrew tribal authority vested in him as a Descendant of Judah, King David, Levi, Aaron, and Ben Zadok) to the outsiders.

Included within the Charters one can glean much from the struggle between church factions (Roman de facto versus Hebrew Culdee de jure), and the contending Royals actions for (and against) Glastonbury . We agree to conclude where all the miracles have fallen on side of(all heaven obeys God's law first), no matter how atrocious the criminals have sought to deprive the inheritors of their full legal rights.

Although the Abbot and several Monks were executed, God provided for one Glastonbury Monk to escape after refusing to sign Henry VIII’s Act of Supremacy. Not content with Henry VIII's fraudulent new church titles, he kept the original alive. As “the fountain and origin of all religion” at Glastonbury, he kept it not only alive but made it flourish in America at the New Glastonbury where his successor was founder and the writer of America's first Constitution in 1639.

We would better accept the laws of this world and the laws of heaven which should not rest until this institution has been repaired not only in spirit but in the physical to the actual successors. The acceptance of inheritance and maintenance of which order, and to which church officials have a rightful claim to the full title deed to the Abbey grounds.

Included herein are the well known Charters as those of King Henry II and King Edmund. About 30 papal bulls are listed together with covenants of other Royal officials of the world.

There is one group of rights that trump them all is the original Hebrew law on which these are all based. Read the Welsh Genealogies of Saints to see where the original Culdee has derived it's actual Charter. The God of Israel has made the decrees. The rest have just been re-affirming these laws from God to be in full effect within the realms, at least among the Culdee Priests of Glastonbury.

The Charters and legal acts within England prove the successors have title. These Charters concretely prove the “successors” have right to the current land deeds of the Abbey grounds, the twelve hides, the tor, etc, to possess it, for the offering prayers, blessing those around the abbey, and to fight evil spirits that are not connected to any fleshly person, who claim a hold on various parts of the ground. In many cases it must be emphasized as King Canute(Nott/Knut) re-affirmed, the Abbot must give permission before any can enter. With the successors’ claim and protests being so clearly documented, we can draw conclusion to the inheritors and rightful claimants, that there is a case that should even be respected in national and international law. Until the end of the Wessex Royalty, Glastonbury was a major place for the education for the Royalty. Such titles and powers of Glastonbury must be restored for following again the Royal’s duty to serve the King of Kings, Jesus the Christ on earth.

At this stage, access to read the Chartered Rights is limited to the Monks. Inquire on becoming a Monk by writing to . After the book "Culdee of Glastonbury is Published" we will make another article on the Chartered Rights publically available.