Scientific Poll: Planning to Name Your Children Mohamed?

A Scientific Poll Survey

The Priory of Salem Peace Institute is holding a poll on the question:

Are you planning to name your child Mohamed? 

Reasons for this poll is "Mohamed" has been the #1 Baby name in most of England and Holland for more than 10 years. We want to find if all that government data is correct which says that all English and Dutch people choose the name Mohamed for their children. (Example a large percentage of native Europeans are dating and having children with Muslims.)

If you're from England, please vote in this poll: Mohamed Survey England (Government statistics also at link.)

If you're from the Netherlands, please vote in this poll: Mohamed Survey Netherlands (Government statistics also at link.)

If you would like to be a partner with us on the street corner surveys write to us at: (Include a signed copy of our EU / Islam peace agreement, and the "statement of conduct and beliefs" together with your CV/Resume.)

More detailed information at