FRANCE: 40,000 Cars Fire-Bombed in Last 10 months of Sharia Jihad Protests

The Imperial Peace Corps of Europe have the most peaceful solution known to man!

10 Years of Sharia Jihad in France and the Imperial Peace Corps of Europe

10 Years of Sharia Jihad in France and the Imperial Peace Corps of Europe 

As in the below video this week with Sean Hannity and Andem Choudary, there’s a full implementation of Sharia law in numerous neighborhoods of Europe. More than 300 villages in France have special “Sharia Zones” where police, social, and even emergency medical and fire services are not allowed to enter.
Sharia law requires Muslims to fight in these ways until the host country allows their Sharia state and land to be setup. Anyone who blocks it, they’re allowed to kill. UK Muslim Cleric, Andem Choudary also said such similar language this week on Fox News,


This isn’t limited to France or the UK. Look at the Ferguson riots. Speaking of the Ferguson riots, Muslim leader, Louis Farrakhan said:

We want some of this earth or we’ll tear this godd**n country up!”


Muslims burn 40,000 cars in France, every year since the 2005 Muslim riots started this aweful trend

 Starting with the Muslim riots of November-December 2005 more than 300 French villages participated in the Muslim rioting and burning of buildings and cars. More than 30,000 cars were counted burned in the first weeks. Within months I counted the figures reaching to around 90,000 cars, trucks and buses were burned.
On January 1, 2013, Interior Minister Manuel Valls announced that a total of 1,193 cars and trucks were torched across France on New Year’s Eve. He also said he was “shocked” by an RTL Radio report which estimated that more than 40,000 cars are burned in France every year.
Again, a big day, on January 1st 2015:

Media thinks everyone is too dumb to know what is really going on TOP CONSERVATIVE NEWS
According to Jean-Paul Gourévitch (fr), there were 7.7 million Muslims( about 11 percent of the population) in metropolitan France in 2011.[12][13]

Good Alternative to the Forced Mixing / Integration Failed Strategy

 Politicians on the right and on the left say they must integrate our Christian society to become half/half with Muslim society. Not only this, but they think still the radical viewpoints of Atheism that even go against regular science, and nature itself, say all the churches must embrace this new form of radical faith known as Atheism. This introduces another “half” that both Christian and Muslims are supposed to live subjugated and enslaved under the radical faith of Atheism. The forced mixing with Atheism and Islam is supposed to be promoted in every church under painful laws against Christianity. These acts include the obligation to promote extreme acts of blasphemy like sodomy. If we refuse to promote this or any other form of blasphemy in our worship and prayer services, we run the risk of being in breach of these forced-mixing laws.

Forced Mixing Doesn’t Work

So far this mixing strategy of the last 50 years has utterly failed. The Absolute Forced cross-cultural mixing has caused far worse problems. The Priory of Salem, Peace Institute published the following telling article: “Where Right and Left Converge: End the Fed and Hault Immigration”. It demonstrates how far Americans fail to realize the Liberal Left Wingers Like Germany’s “Pediga” are also protesting against immigration now. It shows how perilous things have become. Even a liberal left wing group like Pegida is active, and they protest against all more traditionalist German Nationalist groups, saying they aren’t integrating with their view of the modern mixing up of the cultures into one. So naturally they will take against the Islamic groups, as Islam itself s a separatist type of nationalism.

Freedom and Independence Works

According to the study by the Priory of Salem Peace Insitute, granting more freedom to fully exercise our unadulterated faiths will be the most peaceful solution.

 Separate Christian lands, Separate Atheist lands, and Separate Muslim lands where all can live in harmony.

The Priory of Salem is now welcoming new members to form Imperial Peace Corps for the mounting Atheist vs Christian vs Islam Crisis in Europe. Harmony for everyone! In full love, honour and tolerance for the laws, the ethnic identity, and cultural heritage of every people, creed and race. Without forcing anyone to give up their freedoms to speak the truth, to worship, and honour the laws of nature and of nature’s God.

Peace Without Blasphemy

The motto of the Priory of Salem, “Peace without Blasphemy”. Don’t ask Christians to commit blasphemy. Especially don’t demand us to promote blasphemy, as is now becoming expected in the new social experiments of forced mixing. Those experiments have utterly failed. The sacred cows of the atheist faith can no more be forced to be celebrated within the churches of Christendom. There will need to become a tolerance for Christianity once again, and not be under a gazillion laws that forbid our reading of the literal word of our Bibles. Those who fear the truth being read from our full King James Version Bibles should be the ones who are questioned, not the Minister or the believers.


If you’re interested in joining our “Special Marshals” who are implementing the Peace Missions of our Imperial Peace Corps, write to Currently the Priory of Salem has no operating budget and no missions other than what volunteer support there is for the overall Ben Zadok priestly plan of implementing the law of Moses for the Kingdom law Governance of Jesus Christ on earth, at some place where YAHWEH will protect the land, etc. As is in God’s law, we do annual festival Pilgrimages 3 times per year to our holy sites around the world. You can follow and join us at For the Priory of Salem, we have many positions open, from Special Marshal, Marshal, Priest, Deacon, Porter, Knight, Porter, Special Officer, or for those with a long track record to be nominated as Grand Marshals (or higher) within the Priory of Salem. A Peace Institute at His Jerusalem. 
The Christ’s Assembly, The Priory of Salem, the Culdee of Glastonbury, and the American Orthodox Catholic Church - Western Rite, and many more honourable allied institutions welcome you.
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Sign up now and join the Marshals of Salem to promote RESPECTFUL SEPARATISM, the most peaceful and loving answer from the God of Israel and our King Jesus the Christ who has always said "be ye separate" and "holy". The word holy is always the word for being apart. Otherwise we just have all these propaganda that we will change everyone else in the world. We at the Priory of Salem, Peace Institute have demonstrated in many studies that such a strategy of "forced change and mixing" is a program that has only created more problems of which the central bank produces more profiteering and reliance on a failing and suicidal banking system. Do the honourable thing and join the Priory of Salem, Peace Institute so people do not forget God's laws are the most loving, the most honourable and the best peaceful solutions for our own people to be FREE to be holy or separate as the God of Israel has commanded is required if we are to worship Him.
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