Where Left and Right Converge: END THE FED and HAULT IMMIGRATION

Ron Paul spearheaded the campaign "End the fed". He's probably the only one who truly understands liberty when he said the words, "freedom solves everything". 

"Freedom of Assembly", "Freedom of Association" and "Freedom of Disassociation" is a cherished human right, as the basis of every nation in the world. It is also an inalienable right given by our Creator in His commandment to "be ye separate(or holy)" and apart from others on the earth.

The problem with the left and the right is each one thinks they still can broadly interfere with the inalienable right from our Creator as He commanded His people to "be ye separate". There are a gazillion laws and regulations that are all revolving around ways to force people to mix and lose their identity.

The right and left's sole strategy of mixing doesn't work. Forcing people to mix and lose their identity doesn't fix any problems. Look what happened in America. The langugage of the country (English) is no longer spoken in more than 60% of the millenial adult's homes. Source: NBC: Millenials Increasingly Non-White, Foreign-Born, and Bilingual

Yes yes we all know those wretched places of Babylon are 95% or more non-white, (notice they're not counting the 10 million illegals in these figures). I don't know why they're so late reporting on the massive non-white areas. http://www.nbcnews.com/…/millenials-increasingly-non-white-…
"One day - and soon - large portions of the earth will look and behave like New York," said International Cultural Strategist Jie-Song Zhang in res...

In the Bible, God said come out of Babylon, so that you do not partake of their sins(all against His laws, whether national or personal laws, 1John 3:4) nor of their plagues.

None of these parties will ever have a breakthrough until they stop trying to change what is in nature, and to just embrace the natural laws of separatism. Just a quick glance at nature demonstrates the great levels of harmony and peace achieved through separatism. Kind goes after each own kind and all are very happy, filled with love.

Separatism  is at the heart of every culture and religion in the world. It is honour and respect for our good Creator and His good Creation. However, many are trained these days to hate nature, and try and destroy what God made good through divergent practices against nature.


Where is the convergence? 

Thousands of leftwingers rally all over Europe to "End the Fed" see: https://www.mahnwache.info/

Thousands of leftwingers rally all over Europe to "Hault Immigration": http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/12/15/germany-immigration-protests-idUSKBN0JT2J120141215?feedType=RSS YES the trend of left-wing groups have been to attack all forms of traditionalism, internally or externally. The organizers of this latest mass protest was by PEGIDA which is blatantly against really all nationalist groups, saying they also aren't integrating.

So-called "Far right" parties have known for a long time that the main culprit stopping our freedom to live and love nature, has been the evil central bank (or the private share holders of the Federal Reserve ie Rothschilds and Rockefellers).

The EU is being taken over by the far right parties:

One has a leader with a swastika tattoo, one wants to rid his entire country of Muslims, another has a founder who suggested releasing the Ebola virus on...

Ron Paul is clearly recorded to have been the most popular Presidential candidate in the last to elections. He is a Republican from Texas. (need I say more?) His understanding of liberty is to serve Jesus. He had said if he was elected then overnight he would have ended Roe vs Wade by stopping Federal interference in state matters. He went one step further on gay-marriage, saying that not only the Feds cannot be involved in it. He said marriage should have never been considered a state issue but only governed by churches. Common law would again be the law of the land, and most government programs would no longer be needed. People would be coming together again and there would be little need for all the many government agencies to force mixing with an iron fist. He would have abolished the illegal income tax, and brought all US Troops home from more than 100 nations. His popularity was so overwhelming but it was only a combination of electoral college fraud and media blackouts which has kept this information from you.

Only the Priory of Salem Peace Institute has been sharing this all as good news. Most have been only been trying to create strife. We have the good diplomatic solutions and answers as found in the law of Moses, which was the foundation of the first articles of confederation for the USA as drafted in the 1600's in Connecticut. It is the law of nations and peoples, and time has proven it was a success. Connecticut is called the Constitution state because of our founding outside of the other worldly powers was clearly stated to be for maintaining the purity of the gospel of Jesus Christ. All subsequent constitutions at least mention these to be the "inalienable rights from the Creator", that is to obey His laws, and to restrain government from interfering with it. This was the only grace from God to allow for our prosperity. Our turning away from our King Jesus and his laws has always resulted in tragedy. Only the going against the Creator has been a failure. The good news is we can let everyone be free to serve God and speak the truth openly to our own people. Right now the one forbidden speech is the one that was originally the most protected. The right to openly teach separatism. All of the American founders were staunchly separatist. We don't say everyone should be like us. The rest are also free to be separate to practice their own philosophies apart from us. This is better than trying to change the separatist nature of the Hebrew religion of Christianity into their own Babylonian image. If they think their own divergence will create good things, they're free to experiment. It never worked before, but we should let them all have their own freedom and independence to try it once again.

Well said Ron Paul, Freedom Solves Everything!